Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to Live a Life

Life is so tough. Many problem to think about. When you are at the turning point. You have to decide. You have to move. I'm so scared of the responsibility I have to bear. Who can help? No one. If there is some one, who will be the person. No, no one. Your family? No. Your friends? No. No one, only you only you.
Well, I'll take on all the responsibily. I dont have any confidence, but hope it's not the last chance I have.
Is living a life an Optimization problem? I beleive. I beleive. If so can you write it down. Well,

maximize {pleasure, happiness, life expectancy,... ? }
minimize {anger, illness, pain, hatred,... ?}
subject to :
1. human respect the natural law
2. law is not perfect

If it can be express numerically then you can solve. But how many variables do I need? what are they?

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