Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I know the roots of Muay thai is from the Khmer martial arts dated back to the pre-Angkor period. But the will still think it's of Thailand.

I wonder if the actor Tony Jaa(real name: Phnom) of Surin identify himself as Khmer or Thai.

I just know that the K1-Max Champion of whom I am a fan, Buakaw Por Pramuk (real name Sombat) is also a Khmer Surin.

I'm proud of them, I'm proud of khmer blood and khmer cultrue.

To my dissapointment, the world know them as Thai. The Japanese television says he is thai, that's why I thought he was thai. My doubt was, looking at his face, he look much Khmer.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this kind of martial art spell as BOKATOR.
As I heard from the old man called LABOKATOR. We may have search for more.

jappy said...

anyone is correct. But Bokator is known more.

AnythingAtAll said...

Here is the prof that he is Khmer

Tony Jaa Speaks Khmer

He speaks khmer and tell cmabodian to watch his khmer fighting style said...

Discuss all about Bokator or Labokator at

Anonymous said...

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