Tuesday, May 29, 2007

International Conference

First time to present in the international conference. Dont know if I can do it. Will try my best. Ofcourse will enjoy the after conference stay. But still have trouble with the visa. When will you give the Visa? So troublesome. Nothing can do but wait. Document for visa are:

1. Application forms with aggrement and photo
2. 9800 Yen
3. Aiplane booking
4. Insurance
5. Bank statement
6. Passport with Reentry (At least 3 moths remains after the returning day)
7. Invitation letter
8. Scholarship certification
9. Student enrollment
10. Hotel booking
11. Alien card


Anonymous said...

M sure u can do it well.

jappy said...

Thanks. But how r u sure?

Anonymous said...

I dont know.