Monday, May 14, 2007

Long Absence

Hmm, I have been away from your for a while blog. In this long absense, I feel that there are many things happened to me and that I should post in this blog. Well I was mostly about Job hunting, which I haven't performed well. What troubled me the most is the SPI in Japanese. But also, some say that I'm too dark ... Oh my budha, what I should do about this? Well, but anyway, I think it's the problem of matching. I will go to the place they need me. I will love sb whos loves me. Because, I can't change, I dont have confidence that I can change myself for you.

Still there have many things to do... Research, Conference.... And what bothers me most is my laziness !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ganbaranakucha cha cha ............


sokunthy said...

Hehe, be positive!!! You`re gonna be alright, I bet. You don`t have to change, and let your freaky flag fly.
I think people like you as the way you are:))
PS: anyway, can you just make it easier to be able to comment on your blog???

jappy said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

PS: Yes, Madam!